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INDIAN SPORTS REVOLUTION - The ray of hope for Indian Sports and Sportsmen

Indian Sports Revolution, was conceived with the main objective of developing a healthy sporting culture in India and to kick start a “Sports Revolution”!

Adinath Naik and Jaygovind Yadav, two professional athletes, are the founders of the INDIAN SPORTS REVOLUTION.

Both these athletes, themselves with remarkable sporting achievements individually, share an intent passion both, towards the country and for the sports activity in the country. In their own ways, they have been toiling to improve the country's sporting scenario by imbibing training at both, the amateur and the professional levels, introducing latest sports technologies and technical equipments in Indian sports, plus through their exclusive forte in child development. 
On studying the not so encouraging sports education scene within the country, the duos of Adinath and Jaygovind conceived the INDIAN SPORTS REVOLUTION and through this platform, have dedicated themselves towards developing professional sports in India. These two athletes, with their wide experience, possess first-hand knowledge with regards to the challenges faced by Indian athletes and strive to bridge the gap of accurate education, training and technology in Indian sports and for Indian sportsmen

Our Founders

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Adinath Naik

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Jaygovind Yadav

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Our Coordinators

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Tejashree Date

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Vaibhav Naik


Krishna Yadav

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