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Jumping Gorilla Weekenders

JANUARY 31, 2016 

Indian Sports Revolution(Jumping Gorilla) focuses on technical aspect of muscle movement to ensure overall growth of a child’s physical structure. Athletic Kids Development Program has been highly effective in creating a fun learning environment, teaching a child the necessary tool like team building, problem solving skills, time management and much more.

JUMPING GORILLA WEEKENDERS is an activity programs for kids and parents can enjoy together held on alternate Sunday mornings in January month. The activities range from mountain runs, Treasure Hunts, Athletic Competitions, Obstacle Runs filled with surprises,Trail Cycling and Trekking.


These  all activities are designed according to kids age and body structure. Along with this there activities that focus on over all physical  development of each child with emphasis on endurance, muscle development, mind-body coordination.

These are essential for boosting kids self-confidence and prepare both body and mind to excel at any sport.

We have categorized 3 groups according to age:

Group 1 : ages 02 . 5 - 05

Group 2 : ages 05 - 10

Group 3: ages 10 - 13

Group 4: ages 13 - 16


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