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Jumping Gorilla Athletic Kids Development Program

Athletic Kids Development Program

Jumping Gorilla Athletic Kids Development Program is a sports program designed specifically for kids in the age group-3 to 15 yrs.

The program focuses on technical aspect of muscle movement to ensure overall growth of a child’s physical structure. The Jumping Gorilla Athletic Kids Development Program has been highly effective in creating a fun learning environment teaching a child the necessary tool like team building, problem solving skills, time management, etc.

Jumping Gorilla Kids creates a platform for education through sports to ensure practical implementation and fun learning.

Effects on kids without sport development

  • Hyperactivity.

  • Body Stiffness, Increased chance of injury.

  • Skewed Height-Weight Ratio, Leads to Obesity.

  • Eating disorder.

  • Impact on primal emotions.

  • Low self- esteem and confidence. 

Factors for a child's physical and mental development

  • Muscle Strength

  • Muscle Flexibility

  • Endurance 

  • Core Stability

  • Mind- Body Coordination

  • Confidence

JG kids Program is designed is such a way that every child will love to follow it.

Different workout for all the 365 days

 Jumping Gorilla Kids Mainly Focuses on:

Develop endurance capacity.

Muscle strength and Conditioning.

Agility, Flexibility and Mobility Development.

Mind and Body co-ordination.

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