Outdoor Fitness Program

Our current lifestyle has reduced our Muscles working capacity.Many of us work in a sedentary environment with limited or no physical activity where only the mind is at work. And if we don't inculcate physical activity, a lot of people face back/spine problems.

Anthropologist say, early humans had a tail, with evolution humans stopped its use and eventually lost it. So the gist of this historic anecdote is that if we do not use use our body parts properly, they will became weak and eventually cause us problems(hopefully these body parts won't disappear !).

Hence, We have designed an Outdoor Fitness Program for adults(Male&Female) keeping this in mind.

The program is based on Athletics and covers our 6 principles for optimum body potential!




Body Co-ordination


Recreational Sports/Games

The benefits of having Athletics in an Outdoor workout are immense and our model features:

Developing Agility

Strength Training (body weight and free weight)

Improving Muscles and  Lungs Endurance

Custom workout according to age, ability and goals

Body Conditioning Training

06 days workout cycle including 01 day for Recreation and Meditation

365 workouts for 365 days!


Outdoor fitness is essential and we at Indian Sports Revolution take it seriously.

Following our program you will definitely be in command of your body and your attitude towards life.