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Jumping Gorilla Special Kids Physical Development Program

We have a very simple approach – Use Your Whole Body!

Yes! Their physical development!

We focus on their Core strength, Body Posture, Eyes-Hand-Body coordination, Lungs and Muscle endurance.

We counsel Parents about nutrition and home approach towards kids. Consult about their kid’s room, schedule and home program to control their hyper-activeness and tantrum. Also about Digestive problems and sleeping issues, so parents focus on their medicine control.

This provides the most effective education and treatment for their children, using the best methods available, designed for the specific needs of each individual child.

No one focuses on the kid’s physical development. If these are ignored, the kids then are seen suffering from lots of issues like: They get more angry, hyperactive, emotional breakdown. According to their tantrums, they have n’ numbers of fears and problems

For Autism Kids Development Program -Playfulness, spontaneity and enjoyment are hallmarks of our approach through practical activities. This program enables children to feel loved, enjoy the company of others and to grow/develop physically and psychologically as well!

Children in our programs improve language, communication, social interaction and behavior while also increasing academics, practical and play skills. Their parents feel more confident because they know what to do and how to do it.

The skills parents gain, stand them in good stead throughout their lifelong experience of parenting.

We take the best of what has been discovered about autism and put it to work, one child at a time.

The Jumping Gorilla - Autism Kids Development Program integrates 

An attitude of unconditional love and acceptance with evidence-based methods. 

 Functions of work







these are the base for designing their daily workout.


Daily different activities make it creative and enjoyable. 365 Activities.


The 1st month is walking style and flexibility - Static Warm up, conditioning-strengthening of muscle and joints.

All activities taken at Jumping Gorilla are inclusive of natural resources like Sand, Water, Hills and Sports Equipment's. 


These kids can be trained for Para-games and Para-Olympics – Special games.

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