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ISR Night Run

OCTOBER 31, 2015

We all have run 10Km and 21Km marathon or ultra marathon till now, All along speeding through the day's dust and grime.


Night Run is totally different animal with cool nights breeze greeting you at with stride. It is an amazing way to energize your run!

Keeping with the spirit of change, encourage more people to join the running movement Indian Sports Revolution(Jumping Gorilla) is organizing a FREE  5Km and 10Km night run starting from its campus. Participation is open for all age groups are welcome!

Race Day - 31st October 2015

Start Time - 11 pm , time limit is 02 hours.

Venue - Indian Sports Revolution(Jumping Gorilla)campus, please reach 15 mins before the start.

Route - Chandani Chowk Bridge • Necklace road• Pashan Circle and return

After Run - Get-together for snacks and refreshments.


Race Precautions:

  • Please bring along a small torch.

  • Wear bright reflective running apparel.

  • Carry any of your government issued identity along.

  • Avoid using headphones.

Happy Running !


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